The road less traveled.

I have seen people who have been in a relationship with machines like stethoscopes. They never had their heart in the work they were doing. They just became part of the rat race and followed the crowd. Instead of following their own intuition, they have inherited the "born original, died copied" phenomenon.

Our brain merely weighs 3 pounds. From a rickshaw puller to Stephen Hawking, everyone owns the same brain. Irrespective of the language, religion, or society they belong to, Almighty showered us with the same level of intelligence.

Society has its own term: "keep your nose in other people's business." We always try to fit ourselves into the role of their choice. This is like Amrish Puri romancing Kajol in DDLJ, and Shahrukh says, "Ja simran ja ji le apni jindagi." Do you imagine how ridiculous it is to think that characters could be compromised?

Unfortunately, the option itself becomes the choice for the majority. Sometimes, it was forced by the almighty. Sometimes we pave the way with our own deeds. We see a carrot, we run like a rabbit, but the truth of life lies in the fact that "we are caged."

We are only running inside the cage. Carrot is the desire we cling to.

People say they are pursuing their dream careers and chasing their goals. They earn, they live the lavish lifestyle, and they die. Life takes away the brand of their body. Our soul doesn’t have a brand. People who have walked the same path before us—we are all just following their footprints.


It matters when you have chosen the road less traveled.

It matters when your tree gives shade to others.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a billionaire or a vendor; if your presence spreads a smile over the faces of others, then it matters.



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