An Autobiography of my HERO CYCLE……..


I know I am already diminished from your far as I know, I feel, AMYGDALA ( part of the brain which stores the information ) of your brain doesn’t recognize me right now but when I will fold the unfolded sweet memories then I assure you, it will make your day.
But on the sands of time, you left me alone. It’s not your fault actually you know time and tides wait for none. Time flies.  I was caged, inside the prison called time. The only crime that I did was, I failed to live up to the expectations of yours.”
I did hear. That was it. Seemingly out of nowhere came these words that shivered my spine, I was alone at my house. I don’t believe in paranormal activities but for a while I couldn’t believe what was happening? I was horrified completely because I never had such an experience before. These words flashed across my mind. After a long time. Finally it was my old bicycle that broke the silence; I couldn’t imagine a non-living thing speaking to me (apostrophe).Yes it was my old bicycle speaking to me.Right there leaning against the wall. I used to relate my bicycle as masculine gender and I would consider him as one of my best friends during my school days that’s why I am calling him “HE”.
He started pouring his heart out and I was fully within my heart.
“I still remember when you were about to enter into the school life zone (5th standard). I was yours when you chose me from the row of many bicycles at the shop. I still remember feeling of joy and sense of happiness rolling all over your face when you saw me for the very first time. You madly started ringing my bell. Tring .tringg…tring..
How crazy you were for me! You used to take care of me like your younger brother. Once, while going to school, in a rainy season; your friends were riding their bicycle between middle of the road filled with mud and dirty water but you were riding me down the roadside to keep me away from the touch of mud. Once you had a quarrel with one of your friends  then your friend kicked me and the first time ever I was injured ,lying there in a school ground. And by the principle of newton- ( to the  every action there is equal and opposite reaction) you slapped your friend and almost devastated his cycle too. You were a very sensitive person .you were my DR.VASHIKARAN (  Rajnikant in the movie ROBOT)  the difference between CHITTHI and Myself ( HERO Cycle) is that DR.vashikaran programmed him, made his parts but the memories that chithhi spent with his GF aishwarya created FEELINGS within the same way you haven’t made me, there were machines in the HERO factory which contributed to give a stylish look  but your presence  made me to think. You know what; we are what our friends are.
I do not have life and I do not die. People use me. Once they are done, I become a piece of shit. No one gives a fuck.but my parts can be recycled.
On the pious eve of GUDHI PADVAA and DASHAHARA you would wake up early in the morning and would clean, polish, to ensure that I will be looking as gorgeous as I was, when you first kissed me on my arrival to your home.
Every dawn has to face the dusk. You know nothing lasts forever. You grew up, finished your 10th board exams and one day I heard a conversation between you and your father about buying a new bike for you. I became sad. I came to know my friend is not going to complete his rest of the educational journey with me and how could he? It was the period of 90’s. What if you were born in
60’s or in 70’s! When cycle was the only medium of transportation. And the “D” day has come. You bought a new bike. And I am still here watching you from past 5 year’s .wanted to feel your touch again. I want those days back again when we used to go to the beach. We really enjoyed that time. Time flies and it really hurts. It is lacerating for me to see you with your new girlfriend. Your bike. Even if we are not in a relationship. We are still friend’s buddy. I don’t want anything except a smile beaming over your cheek whenever you see me
 - Cycle.
. Emily Dickinson has rightly said “Old age comes on suddenly, and not gradually as is thought.”
 Always try to spend few seconds with your friends even if you are busy…
Because one day you can get free time…
But not your friends back…


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