Hi friends…
my fingers feel privilege..to have an interaction with keyboard since long time…
Yeah it was the exam which shifted my focus away from the writing but now I’m ready to have a deep conversation between keyboard of my computer and thoughts generated by my subconscious mind.
Ø  Coming to the point
Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones

As the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires…

Everyone has shortcomings of their own lives, no one is perfect. ( except aamir)
“they”say I have an attitude sorry I don’t what attitude stands for.???
If you know the meaning ? then you are always welcome…even I don’t know the difference between EGO and attitude..
My behavior depends on how you treat me..its simple..
you forget. i forget you.
you asked about me once. i will ask you forever.
you care about me ; I promise I’ll care for you..
but let me give a chance to check whether you are capable or not to have friendship with me…
for you I’m just part of the crowd but for me I’m the prince of my own world…you can tease, abuse, do whatever in front of me or behind me ( as constitution has given you right to speak) so its up to you choice is yours..
I admit I am short tempered person ,when things go wrong my behavior changes. i can’t compromise with circumstances where im not wrong…for you I were wrong but for me I’m right..
I admit I do not have many friends like others but I am happy with that. I am just a simple middle class guy having loads of hope in my eyes about my future…I do not criticise anyone ..neither my intention has false attitude nor I’m person like that .you just have to see the other side of coin as well in order to test my nature..you know what “my reality check bounced” … I DO NOT  talk with you but it doesn’t mean I’m not your friend .i care for you like before..but its better for you and for me to choose our path..
i stil remember when I saw you for the first time  and you were the only girl shifted my focus away…I don’t know how..i was attracted by your aura..i could see your face whenever I had encounter with any romantic song.
I could see your face when I tried to study. I thought is this love..??? because I never had the feeling through which I was going and how could I ask anybody about my condition..? but I din’t said a single word to you about my state of mind.
Because I knew I could face a rejection..i had a feeling of rejection just like every guy has before the proposal.. perhaps I prepared myself for dwelling onto positiveness…I have been an optimistic person and see the world through my own lenses..waited for days..waited for the right chance to come..waited for the time when I would see into your eyes and forget about the world..saying those three magical words  I LOVE YOU
But almighty has planned a different scenario for me..unfortunately the “D” day, the time and the moment for which I was waiting for..never came..because things went wrong..i could listen my inner voice..yeah I admit you can never be mine..  yes I have had made a mistake to love you. But tragedy that it was one sided you will never come to know about it..
May god bless you and almighty showers the choicest blessings on you....
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable ; but more useful than a life spent doing nothing…


  1. this is wrong my friend you say that you love her but you missed the best part of telling her..you are mixing your future with your love..is she not your future

  2. i dnt knw yar
    Whthr she is my future or nt ?


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