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‘ When misfortune commits a crime, there is a life sentence in the form of uncertainty.’ We all get stuck at some point in our lives. Be it financial emergencies, health emergencies, or something unprecedented like losing a loved one even before making a confession of remorse for the misunderstandings that arose in the sky of relationships. Getting stuck due to external factors like someone’s opinion about you, conspiracy, jealousy, trying to fix someone at the cost of sacrificing our self respect, opening a door for someone who is not even standing at the door, walking miles for someone who has not even stepped out of their home for you, and having good intentions for someone who does not even bother to appreciate your existence. In the same way, feeling trapped due to internal factors includes mental health issues, inability to know your worth in a world where the majority of people are doing transactions of relationships at the cost of instant gratification, low self-esteem, faulty

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