Flipping through the newspaper this morning and glad to read Gazal lines.
"Yeh daulat bhi le lo...
Yeh shaurat bhi le lo.
agar chaho meri mohbbat bhi le lo.
"Par lauta do mujhe wo kagaj ki kashti wo baarish ka paani.."

No matter how old you are, you will definitely remember your childhood days.
Nostalgia: memories that refresh our mind by recollecting past days This year I got a chance to go to Mumbai again, and me and my friend Abhijeet (who is  studying at VJTI Mumbai  had a brief chat over our childhood day.-
sitting in front of TRITEND and looking continuously towards the hotel, thinking if we were inside the hotel...
He said, "If destiny and our karma will unite, then we will definitely get a chance to go there."
I said, "Yeah, that's good. I think Kasab had a chance to go there because he was a terrorist. Then we laughed for more than 5 minutes.
When he was at the school, his father gave him a toy truck, and he was busy driving the truck the whole day, feeling proud, with a shine in his eyes. Then one day one of his relatives came to his home and asked him, "Beta, what do you want to be in your life?" My friend said with zeal and enthusiasm, "I want to be a truck driver."
After that, his father might have given him a strange look, but who cares? He was happy because he wanted to be a truck driver because what he loved the most should be his job in the future...
thats it...
This is what childhood stands for: we are the master creator, mentor, and hero of our own lives.
No worries, no stress. Just do what our mind imagines.
then we grow up.. society, parents decide what we want to be rather than asking ourselves what our desires are. It may not be applicable to the lives of most people, but it is the truth of everyone's life.
so memories that last forever can never be erased from our mind... at least we should give credit to the "neurons," which set up an electric current by ions resulting in the storage of images and sounds about certain incidents.

Whenever you feel depressed, just collect your past memories and feel the paradigm shift.

"Wo kagaj ki kashti.. woh baarish kaa paani."


  1. thanku sir ;
    Credit goes to you
    It wudnt hav posble either to include an example except of truck driver..


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