Cricket was the only fever at my childhood  ; incurable by any medicine

I don’t remember exactly when and how I had  begun to watch cricket on a tele”vision”. I was very much inclined towards cricket during the course of my childhood days. When I was in school , confused between   INDIA and BHAARAT, at the beginning since my fertile mind has started enriching crops of curiosity. I remember, while watching   one of the matches between INDIA/BHAARAT Vs (unknown team). There was a scorecard everyone could see just at  right corner on tele-“vision”  naming “IND” .then I asked to my father what does “IND” mean ?  he said-  “INDIA”. .then I asked with a childish curiosity-  “ then why we are supporting  INDIA as we are living in a BHAARAT. He smiled with a grin over his face and satisfied my  rubbish question ever.
It was  first time I felt nonsense. But  what I asked to my father was a simple question which had to be answered at that time, as they were happy to know that their child came to know the difference between INDIA and BHAARAT. You know, our motherland is the only country in the world which has three names- INDIA,BHAARAT & HINDUSTAN.

Those were  golden days of my childhood , watching cricket  matches, expecting  Sachin  to hit four or six on  every ball ( when I recalled that moment now I laghed at myself by knowing the fact that how stupid I was !  as I was watching cricket not playing cricket on playstation EA SPORTS game with difficulty level  zero)  , running in a hurry from school with a ray of hope  whether sachin is still  bating or not..?.  I was not an exception. You, me and everyone living in this country were considered as biggest fan of sachin though there were BAJAJ, OREINT “FANS”…:P
When I was in sixth standard, it was a year of 2003 ; on the eve of Mahashivratri, me and my friends altogether were gathered at my home to see one of the greatest match that has  ever been played in the history of cricket. INDIA  Vs.( its traditional counterpart)  PAKISTAN.  Sachin’s 98 runs weren’t only runs came out of  the bat . THEY were  new AGNI 98 missiles more powerful than the DRON attack by U.S airforce.
Every match that I have witnessed on my “LG television” was unique at its own way. Cricket without Sachin is like water without hydrogen and oxygen. Winning the world cup for his country was his dream since he stepped for the first time in an international cricket. He carried his dream until it was accomplished.
When I used to play cricket, one of my friends who was a diehard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, would stick Indian flag sticker in his forehead comparing himself with Sachin Tendulkar. As sachin  used to the same just below the BCCI logo on his helmet.
5 ft, 5 inch
Age 40
FOR an ordinary person, his height, age are nothing but his physical characteristics,  but in a country where cricket is a religion not a game, Sachin is THE GOD.  There are several parts in our country having temple of SRT and some people still worship him as a GOD. Sachin was a childhood prodigy who has exceeded his potential and reached the pinnacle.
His personality is something that attracts evils as well as angels. His simplicity, commitment, his focus towards cricket and his nature is remarkable and amazing. There was a time in his career when he faced downfall. He went through tennis elbow. He struggled a lot to get back on his natural game. It took years but he never gave up.  There was a time in his life when he faced criticism. He was trapped between the quagmire of circumstances and the expectations of Indian people but the way he had carried himself and emerged out as phoenix from ashes was really astonishing. I never saw him in anger when Australian bowlers used to sledge him at the starting phase of his career. There was a tough time in his career when everyone among the cricket experts were forcing him to get retired. He could feel that pressure but as he has always followed his way to face criticism by his Batting. He scored and yes as the days gone by criticism stopped.
We know that-
He gave us a lesson that discipline is important in any field to succeed. He couldn’t excel in an educational field. Hardly had he passed his matriculation examination,however it dint make any impact on his career because his path was fixed ,and he followed his heart despite mind. In our life we somehow face the same situation as sachin went through,but at a certain point its not possible for us to make it or break it !! the sum and substance is he his roll model for everyone who are in dilemma to get back on their natural pace.

We have been witnessing his glorious career since 24 years .his style of paying tribute to his late father after every centuries he used to make by pointing out his bat towards the stratosphere !! was eye sparkling.
Everything belongs to sachin is simple amazing, his wife Anjali, his parents , Acharekar sir ,his elder brother Ajit have equal   importance not only in his life but also in a  career.
I feel great when I see the comparison between his and my name-
 I come from the same land as the great Sachin Tendulkar. He is as humble and polite as he used to. A great man is always willing to be little. There were many people who have tried to compare among Lara, Ponting and Sachin. I admit lara and ponting were classic players in their own way. But I would like to define these three legendaries in a concept of “degrees” of English grammar- (positive, comparative, and superlative)
A teary-eyed Tendulkar brought the curtains down on his illustrious 24 year old career at his home ground. And  every citizen was paying tribute to him with lump in a throat and numb eyes…
I know its obnoxious to digest the fact that he won’t play anymore. We know “Shaktiman” and “Sachin” were the greatest personalities who made our childhood special.
 But we have to accept this and should move one with the new cricketing sensations Virat and Rohit. We know that time is the best medicine and it heals the unwounded wounds which are hardly possible to the time gone by everything becomes natural. Our generation is very lucky to watch tendulkar and his batting style, when we will exceed in our life’s  _SRT you will be missed forever_….


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