Embarked on a journey !!

Travelling has become a part of my life since I joined MIET Bhandara. earlier I was in MIET GONDIA pursuing my bachelor of engineering in computer technology but as I have changed my branch to civil engineering I have got the same college but in the other city !! never mind.
So,what I was talking about ; travelling has become a part of lifestyle..especially travelling by Indian railways  is a great fun and amazing experience ! that I have been going through it.
I have met so many people from all walks of life while travelling and each has his own significance.
On the first day of my college I reached early at a station so as to get seat in Maharashtra express and was lucky enough to get seat there  !!  getting a seat I in Maharashtra express is really an uphill task because by name it is maharashtra express but it runs resembles to other local trains having multiple stops to which most express trains don’t have the haults !! by 9:20 I reached bhandara station approximately 50 minutes before banging on of my first lecture…main city is 12 km away from the station so one has to travel this distance either by bus or by private auto’s..fair is nearby same.
Auto has always been my favouraite choice to travel because college going girls prefer it :P and due to excessive rush during the morning time everyone inside the auto seats very close to each other !! and if I get a chance to seat near  beautiful  girl then  it makes my body shiver from soul to crown…( hahahaha ) in this way I have been loving this 12 km travel since I joined college.
My college from bhandara city is 9 km away so again I have to travel by auto to go there.
On that day I was waving towards an autowala bhaiyaa to stop  the auto. He stopped and then I seat inside his auto. There was no one in the auto except me, that meant I had to wait for minutes again to complete the seat quota of auto (untill each seat get fulfill by passengers)..i was getting frustrated !! Frustration and anxiety was rolling down in the form of sweat through my forehead until a drop of sweat entered inside my innerwear ! I was trembling and finally  broke my patience as a result of this I yelled at him and requested to go as early as possible-then what he said will never be forgotten from my  sensitive mind –
He meant to say that “ I am not VIP person and my father is not a high profile personality like Mukesh Amabani and Rattan tata who deserves a special treatment and behavior according to him I am just a common man like rest of the crowd. He was right. I was just a common man”.
So what if I am a common man ? don’t I have a heart ? don’t I have feelings ? how dare he said like that ? this is a condition of every citizen of india who is a common man belongs to the middle class family..anyone can shout at you ,yell at you and you can make a quarrel with the counterpart but it doesn’t in crease the level at which we all have been immersing due to drowning effect !!  I have recently watched a movie where there is a dialogue-
“ don’t underestimate the power of common man !!”
So whats the point ? we cant get special treatment until we settle ourselves to the highest pinnacle of our limitless, boundless desirable life..what we think ; we become..so either raise your standard of living by shear hard work or follow the principle of survival of the fittest ! 
We always feel happy if we travel in  AC coaches instead of general sleeper class coaches in Indian railways  ! everyone wants luxury but no one affords it that’s a bitter truth..obiviously you would like to drink a juice despite water when you have two choices about what to drink ?
we are living in a country where each day there are lakhs of people who even cant fulfill there three basic needs of life food,cloth, and shelter ! starvation is a major problem. We live in a country where buildings are reaching to the sky, urbanization is at its peak but on the other side we are neglecting the rest of the crowd who lives at villages !!
Hangover still continues..
I am extremely sorry for the little diversion in thoughts from where I had started the consequences of travelling upon my personality but I couldn’t resist myself to write here the challenges of a common man in their whole livelihood !!
After finishing  the first day of my college, I waved an auto and zoomed off towards the station.
Reached plateform number 2 ,the only plateform where down line train haults ! ( down line trains means  trains running towards howrah junction ) waiting for Ahmedabad express. At a plateform what I have seen a lady feeding biscuits to his son resembles the same as of me !! I was amazed-
“ was he not able to eat by his own ?” finally my curiosity reached to its destination !! I came to  know he was mentally retarded.. but still his mother was treating him like a king. And of course  he deserved it. You all might have watched “koi mil gaya “  !! a boy and his mother were fit as a character of Rekha and Hrithik at the plateform number 2.  I learned an important lesson of my life-“ respect what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have “
Hasn’t his mother saw a dream when he was born  that one day he wiil be successful person in his life. But did she stop loving his son as when she would have come to know that his child cant fulfill her wishes because he is not like  others ?  this is called love. Love is when you don’t care about pro’s and con’s its unconditional !!
I felt lump in a throat after an encounter with this situation, lost myself in an ocean of thoughts .as soon as the train entered into the plateform with its blowing  sound ,chain of thoughts came to an end and stepped towards the S10 coach where I saw a beautiful girl sitting alone near the window and seated near her  and embarked on a return journey towards Gondia. I plugged in my earphones , her and mine condition was same. she was siiting alone near the window and I was listening to the ‘emptiness by Rohan Rathore “ !!
However I learned the two most important lessons of my life on that day first is-
“ don’t underestimate the power of common man” and second is paternal love is always better than maternal love.
Its just a starting phase of my travelling .many more lessons and experiences to come.
Ahemdabad express picked up its maximam speed and I drowned again in the thought zone reminded me about the beautiful song –
“Gaadi bulaa rahi hai..
Shiti baja rahi hai..
Chalna hi jindagi hai…
Chalti hi jaa rahi hai…”


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