Career or love..????

It's a serious topic that has been running through my mind for a very long time, and I finally got the time to express my point of view on it.
So if you are given two choices, 1) career, and 2) love,...
then what you'd prefer...
Let's take an example: I have a car; suppose it's an Alto, and I also have a Swift. I know most people would select the Swift for its smooth driving, its dynamic view, and its pickup, but as we know, it has negligible mileage. But considering the example of the Alto, though it doesn't have the same look as the Swift, it is a fuel-efficient car, and middle-class people can afford it! Sorry, I'm going off the track now, but what I want to believe is that quality overcomes quantity.
Looks don't matter as long as you have the qualities to lead your own life...
So we were discussing about love or career..!
Love happens in life know what serious love's the kind of love that can be a reason to live; it can be a new leaf on which you have turned India, many youths are in's not bad..everyone has their own life and they have rights to choose what is right and what is wrong..
What about careers?
It's a prime imp thing that can change your life; that will be the reason for your destiny.. who are you? What position do you hold, and what is your respect in society?
If it all comes under the ambit of career, then why don't we have parallel ideas that never intersect each other?
Why are you so confused?
common keep rocking and do something different in the society so that no one will have the guts to refuse your proposal.



  1. Bhau..Love and carrier can go hand in hand..!! There are many living example. :)


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