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So  .. moving on ..
yesterday my parents were out of station..i was alone at the house sorry not alone actually along with my two friends my heart and  mind…they never left me at my bad times and you know what who is my best friend ? its mirror…coz it never laughs when I cry..
I was hungry and not in mood to prepare I checked my wallet whether I have “satisfying” amount to have a dinner outside..but my excitement turned into lump in my throat as I found my wallet empty..searched many places where my mom often keeps money..but my efforts gone useless..
Then my eye balls made a round trip of 360 degrees at every section of my house and what I got a 2 Rs. Coin..yes finally I got something…its like-“khoda pahaad niklaa chuha”…
I knew coin was not enough to satisfy my “high profile” I kept it aside and recollected those memories of my childhood when 2 Rs were like 200 rs for me …growing up is mandatory but growing wise is optional..
How importance varies…u know content is happiness but as soon as our one desire completes we move on to next one..just like buying items for our house occupying every corner when actually there is no need at all to have unwanted things..but what shall we do ? its like eating salad in five star hotel..we must have to spend it matters a lot…Abhishek bachhan has already said in bluffmaster that-
Baap bada na bhaiya
Sabse bada rupaiyaa…
I think Amitabh might have given a strange glare at abhishek after shooting of that song..for not giving importance to his father following money.
Whatever..meanwhile  who stood behind when abhishek did the flop show at was he …his father BIG B..parents were,are and wiil always be at room position despite money.there is no comparision at all.
So friend s whenever you want to spend money just have a  faces of those 80 lakh people suffering from starvation in our country who don’t have capacity to fill their stomach properly..
When you want to eat chocolate just have the face of that child who don’t know what chocolate means…? He /she knows only the food which can bring happiness and joy over their face..
When you visit DOMINOZz ,haldirams, KFC ,blah blah blah…just have the face in your eyes of those who have never eaten except the traditional Indian food DAAL,CHAVAL,SABJI….
When you wanna enjoy your vacations abroad or  at  any other place just have the face of those poor villagers who have never crossed border of their village and din’t see the life of city…not have enough money to buy bus tickets…
Friends life is not as we see..we must see across the horizon. life isn’t about finding your self is about creating yourself…
So money matters .spend it wisely and cherish your dreams..
you all must have watched SWADES right..? and you are smart as well as wise enough to gain the message given by the film…
When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs….
When you change your beliefs; you change your expectations….
When you change your expectations; you change your attitude….
When you change your attitude; you change your behavior….
When you change your behavior; you change your performance….
When you change your performance; YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE….


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