aal is well...!!

whenever you are trapped under the peer pressure of dogma of having nothing in your life...then just close your eyes and say AAL IS WELL..whENEVER you feel that the situation is out of control and u have no control over it..again say AAL IS WELL...
WHENEVER you are surrounded by assholes and the try to emphasise you are a losser then just say AALLLL IS WELLL.
BUT does it control our emotions..?? does it come out as a key to forget our sorrows..?? u must have watched 3 idiotes..
how group of three friends enjoy thier college life and at the end after croosing all the hurdels..except ( ranchoddas chanchad) they manage to settle their life..hmmm
its an important message given by aamir that we are bounded to our capabilities...we have no control over circumstances that are far beyond our expectations.. is it..??
sometimes misfortune sharpens the brave..!!
so WHENEVER assholes around you say that you are no more..dont give too much importance to them..coz your life is limited and you have to live your life with zeal and enthusiasm.
it doesnt matter where you come from as long as you believe in yourself..!
always have one thing in mind that- LIFE IS LIKE OUR FEETS, ITS POSITION CHANGES
when you are going through bad patch ;
as long as you have a patience no body can defeat you and discourages you from your desired path.
so have faith in yourself' everything will be fine..


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