Who are we?
A skeleton with stateless ethnic flesh,
Melting in the scorching heat of puritanism.
A tidal wave,
led by the tsunami of the massacre,
Capsizing the boat of humanity.
Wounded feet,
hobbled by the uncertain path.
It's not about choosing a road less traveled,
Our destiny is itself a diverged wood,
Outraged by the agony,
Hitch-hiked to the death knells of mankind.
It is the sanguinary caprice,
Prevailing upon the peace.
Enfeebled by malnutrition,
Our children are looking gaunt,
Their starving bodies don't seek for food.
'Acceptance' could feed them.
In the time where oppression,
Has reached its nadir.
Who are we?
A blood in the veins,
intoxicated by the venom of an exodus.

image source : Google

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